about us

Guided by Service

D&A Law Group is a law firm with winning results and the track record to prove it.

Whether it is a business dispute, employment issue, personal injury, or estate planning matter, our attorneys have the talent and knowledge to thoroughly represent you.

The boutique nature of our firm and our experience with complicated cases means our approach is different than most other firms. We are dedicated to our clients, developing a deep understanding of the facts and law to achieve our clients’ goals with extraordinary results.

We are not afraid to litigate and take cases to trial. We are relentless and we win.

Clients have first-hand access to our great team of attorneys who are available day or night and will provide you with their cell phone numbers. Case updates come straight from your attorney rather than paralegals or staff members.

Contact us anytime: we strive to return all calls, texts, voicemails and emails the same day.